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Giusy Giuliani to Green Gecko 2

Giusy Giuliani to Green Gecko 2 -

Giusy Giuliani, friend of Sara and Paul, was visiting the HAVEN Cambodiatraining restaurant when she learned about Ibis Rice. The Haven has been one of our regular supporters/customers of this Wildlife Friendly project. On Friday Giusy dropped by the SMP office on St. 26 to learn more about the Rice to the Occasion! - SMP's outreach program. On Monday, 27 May she accompanied SMP staff Mel Samoeun to Green Gecko Project to present the 25 kg package of brown Ibis Rice. The photo shows Ms. Giusy Giuliani (far left) and children of Green Gecko.


You can donate ride to any legitimate organization or family in the Siem Reap area. SMP will deliver the rice and send you an email with proof of delivery - a photo of the recipient with the rice you have given them. This will also be posted here and on the Ibis Rice Facebook page.