Sansom Mlup Prey Cambodia

Early Achievements

Woman in Narong Village - Woman sewing up Ibis Rice Sack in Narong Village © 2011 SANSOM MLUP PREY

Ibis Rice has been purchased, processed and presented to the public.

Over 30 tons of Malis (fragrant) rice was purchased from farmers in these villages between December 2008 and January 2009, at almost double the price initially offered by local middlemen.

Farmers who signed up to the scheme signed agreements not to hunt species of conservation concern or clear land outside land-use plans developed by the village committees. This had an immediate noticeable impact, boosting the authority of the committees and reinforcing the importance of keeping to land-use plans.

Ten buyers for the rice have been identified in the tourist market in Siem Reap, including several up-market hotels. The hotels are Soria Moria, La Residence d'Angkor, Le Meridien Angkor, La Maison d'Angkor, River Garden, Shinta Mani, The Villa Siem Reap and Sojourn; the restaurants are Sugar Palm, the Warehouse, Common Grounds Caf, V and A, Kamasutra.

One boutique hotel with three properties in Phnom Penh, the Boddhi Tree, has shown support for the project by purchasing Ibis Rice prior to the scheduled availability in the capitol city. Since the launch in June, Le Wok has started serving Ibis Rice in Phnom Penh as well.

The preliminary financial model should eventually generate a return of 40-50%, which will be reinvested in expanding the Ibis Rice initiative and shared with local farmers as dividends.


You can donate ride to any legitimate organization or family in the Siem Reap area. SMP will deliver the rice and send you an email with proof of delivery - a photo of the recipient with the rice you have given them. This will also be posted here and on the Ibis Rice Facebook page.