Wildlife Response Unit

Mortality and fishing of the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae ) in conflict with humans is quite high raises concerns the extinction of this species. Tiger conflict occurs very rapidly, delay in response will result in retaliation from the public for hunting tigers by using poison, traps or snares. Improper handling of conflict could potentially lead to further conflict and involve individuals of different tigers, for example, because it turns out the tiger is have some cubs.

Establishment of Wildlife Response Unit (WRU) in Medan,North Sumatra in 2008 is one of the WCS  intervention strategies toconserve tigers. In carrying out various efforts to control and conflictprevention WRU  in cooperation with the people directly and partnered withthe Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) and the National ParkAuthority. In handling the conflict, WRU are also considering the interest ofsociety as one of the triggers of conflict factors are human behavior

WRU guided by the vision to develop harmonious interactionof people and wildlife with their habitat. With the aim of Preventing andhandling tiger conflict quickly and minimize the casualties of conflict fromthe community as well as tigers


The use of meshes for the safety pig farms andrice paddies.

  • Management of cattle shed that is not feasible.
  • Hunting and the use of snares / traps pigs anddeer in the forest edges and in the woods.
  • Handling tiger conflict handling canpotentially lead to further conflict.
  • Indication of intent to murder a tiger conflicttraded.