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Noviar Andayani
Country Director Indonesia Program
Noviar Andayani completed her PhD in Conservation Biology at University of Indonesia, where she also served as a lecturer for the past twenty years. She was the head of graduate program in conservation biology at the same university when she joined WCS Indonesia Program. While she continues her teaching roles, she also leads WCS Indonesia Program as the country director. Outside these two institutions, she is also chairing the Indonesian Primatological Association and was one of the key contributor to the national strategy for orangutan conservation.
Matthew Leggett
Senior Advisor for Terrestrial
Matt has over 10 years experience working on tropical forest conservation, mainly in Latin America and Asia Pacific, principally focusing on the design and implementation of initiatives that reduce the drivers of deforestation. His work has focused on both the development of community level conservation initiatives, and the crafting of high level policy interventions, often centred around payments for ecosystem services projects/REDD+, innovative financing, and reducing the impacts of private sector commodity production on tropical forests. Matt holds an MSc from the University of Edinburgh, and is also currently a visiting research associate at the University of Oxford.
William Marthy
Sumatra Program Manager
William Marthy, PhD., has been working in biodiversity conservation in Indonesia since 1998 in various different conservation NGOs in Indonesia before joining Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesia Program in mid-2014. He is currently managing WCSIP conservation activities in Sumatra covering from biodiversity monitoring, Wildlife Response Unit which deals with Human-Wildlife Conflict (tiger, elephant, orangutan, and other wildlife), and improving protected area management through effective and efficient patrolling system (SMART). The WCSIP Sumatra Program is implemented in three important national parks in Sumatra-Indonesia: Leuser, Bukit Barisan Selatan, and Way Kambas National Park. William completed his PhD on bird communities in the secondary lowland forest of Sumatra in Goettingen University-Germany.
Fahrul Amama
Southern Sumatra Landscape Manager
Recently joined WCS from the BirdLife Indonesia, Fahrul has responsibility to manage conservation programs in Southern Sumatra landscape. This includes the two conservation area, Bukit Barisan Selatan and Way Kambas National Park. For the past 15 years, he has implemented many conservation field works in Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Sulawesi. He started his works on wildlife conservation as a volunteer in small remoted islands of Sangihe and Talaud, where he founded a local NGO and became a chairman. He moved to Tanimbar Islands to lead an endemic parrot conservation project. After conducted several conservation projects in Sumba, Flores, Halmahera, and Gorontalo, he conducted a bird keeping project in six big cities of Java and Bali, and developed some urban bird conservation initiatives. More recently he moved to Sumatra to support the forest ecosystem restoration initiative in Jambi and South Sumatra.
Wulan Pusparini
Species Conservation Specialist
Wulan began her conservation career almost 10 years ago with an undergraduate research on Sumatran Rhinoceros with the University of Indonesia in 2005-2006. Ever since, rhinos guide her to many conservation endeavor mostly on mammals conservation using statistical model such as species distribution modeling, population estimate, occupancy modeling, and multivariate statistics. She has been largely involved in large-mammals conservation (Sumatran rhinoceros, Sumatran tiger, and Asian Elephant) through her professional work with the Wildlife Conservation Society. Her main geographical work is mostly in Sumatra, and her contribution on conservations are through conducting field research on mammals population, increase the government staff and NGOs partner capacity through various training in population estimation scientifically method and conflict-mitigation scheme, as well as formulating action strategy on Tigers and Rhinos conservation in collaborations with the Indonesian Government, and national and local conservation NGOs.
WRU Team Leader Way Kambas
Sugiyo, team leader of the WRU Way Kambas, WCS-Indonesia Program. Sugiyo has over ten years experience in the community-based human–elephant conflict mitigation around Way Kambas since 2002. He is a sociologist who has experience in the field of community forestry and participatory mapping in West Lampung and he has become an expert appraiser and crop damage key advisor on HEC mitigation issues for WCS-IP. He has been a member of the Lampung-based local NGO WATALA since 1999.
Muhamad Muslich
Wildlife and Program Development Officer
Muslich completed his Master in Conservation Biology at University of Indonesia. He is interested in nature conservation since graduated from Forest Resources Conservation, Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University in 2004. His professional work was started with Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia, National NGO, who works closely with forest communities to improve their capacity through development of collaborative management approach. From this assignment He got field experiences in community organizing and participatory rural appraisal as well as community mapping. Since 2006, He worked with BirdLife Indonesia Association. Almost seven years, He has been taken various responsibilities and positions in Conservation Program Division. He has contributed to the field preparation and communication with stakeholders in the ecosystem restoration development and conservation project implementation. in 2013, He got Young Environment Leader award from BothEnds, Netherlands, from his involvement in nature conservation.
Cep Dedi Permadi
Finance and Administration Officer
Employed by WCS since 2000 for survey and monitoring Sumatra Elephant at BBSNP and WKNP until 2002. 2003 - 2007 responsible for database officer at CANOPI Program and 2008 until now as finance & administration at Kotaagung - Lampung.
Iwan Hunowu
Northern Sulawesi Coordinator
Iwan joined WCS at Sulawesi Program, where he worked in a variety of position until 2012. His passion and skill in bird has been made him credible to lead a conservation program of Maleo bird (Macrocephalon maleo).
Yudi Herdiana
Marine Program Manager
Employed by WCS since 2003, Yudi’s early career was responsible for coral reef and invertebrate ecological surveys and data anlysis, overseeing database, website, and GIS components of our work. Yudi is responsible for managing the Indonesia marine program, including budgeting, human resources management, and assisting in proposal writing and donor reporting. As WCS' representative, Yudi has play key role in assisting the government (MMAF) in developing the national Marine Protected Area (MPA) sytem. Yudi has experiences in coral reef management, MPA spatial planning, fisheries stock assessment and management, database management, and developing outreach materials. Yudi completed his Master Degree on Fisheries System and Modelling in Bogor Agricultural University. Holding Advance Open Water SCUBA license and has strong interest in underwater photography and videography.

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