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Surrogate Wetlands

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Surrogate Wetlands
(December 13, 2022) By Tarun Singh  The Ahobilam corridor is a narrow strip of parallel-running hills harbouring pristine forests of high conservation significance in the Eastern Ghats Range of India. WCS India’s ‘Project Ahobilam’ is the beginning of an effort to improve the conservation status of the area as part of the contiguity with existing PAs in the Nallamala Landscape.  Presently it is a Reserve Forest (RF) south of Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife Sanctuary. These areas a...


Into the Ice - An interview with Dr. Anant Pande: Antarctica Day 2022

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Into the Ice - An interview with Dr. Anant Pande: Antarctica Day 2022
(December 01, 2022) Interview conducted by Advaith Jaikumar and Rujan Sarkar On the 1st of December in 1959, nations of the world came together to sign the Antarctic Treaty to recognise Antarctica as a preserve for peace and scientific study. The treaty also set aside 10% of the Earth forever for peace. A vast number of scientific achievements and advances, including in wildlife, conservation, and climate science, owe their foundation to this treaty.  Collecting samples from snow petrel individuals in ea...







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