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Birds of Chopta – Week 5

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Birds of Chopta – Week 5
(November 29, 2021) Here’s the fifth part of our ‘Birds of Chopta’ series – with the following seven birds and poems dedicated to each one of them. We hope you enjoy it. Poems by Sourabha Rao. Photo courtesy shared below each image. 1. Green-tailed sunbird © Pradeep so many colours on such a small being we unknowingly learn to love inconsistencies this unsuspecting teacher has taught his lesson and is about to fly away how is it, then, we also learn to love that which...


Have You Met a Godavan Yet?

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Have You Met a Godavan Yet?
(November 24, 2021) Written by Sourabha Rao There is an effortless grace some beings embody, like it were that simple, in the way they stand, walk, and just are. One such rare, immense being is the great Indian bustard (GIB). Walking as if it never flinches away from being gallant, the crown of its head is a distinct black, starkly contrasting with its head and long neck. With a brown body, long and bare legs, this bustard can stand up to one-metre tallness. One of the heaviest flying avian species in the wor...







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