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Bringing Generations Together for GIB Conservation

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Bringing Generations Together for GIB Conservation
(November 24, 2020) By Anil Kumar Nair The critically endangered great Indian bustard (GIB) in Jaisalmer is distributed along the Pokhran Field Firing Range (PFFR) and the Desert National Park (DNP). While DNP is a protected area, the PFFR, though being a restricted area, does not have the protection for wildlife like DNP. In the entire country today, these are the only two breeding populations of the GIB remaining in the wild, a species believed to be fewer than 100 individuals now.The GIB population in the P...


Waghoba: When the Guardian of the Forest is Seen in the City

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Waghoba: When the Guardian of the Forest is Seen in the City
(November 18, 2020) It was late in the night, and I was busy comparing pictures of leopards on my laptop. Leopards have rosette patterns which are unique to each individual and can help identify them. It was tough to concentrate, though, as I kept hearing the eerie call of a barn owl.  Just as I leaned out of my window to photograph the owl with my smart phone, it rang. Off went the owl into the night!The caller was my friend, Jadhav. “Nikit, hurry! There is a leopard sitting in front of me!” he sa...







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