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David Wilkie, Michelle Wieland and Diane Detoeuf (2015) A guide to the modified Basic Necessities Survey - Why and how to conduct BNS in conservation landscapes.
David Wilkie, Diane Detoeuf, Michelle Wieland and Paul Cowles (2015) Guidelines for Learning and Applying the Natural Resource ​Governance Tool (NRGT) in Landscapes and Seascapes
David Wilkie, Diane Detoeuf, Michelle Wieland and Paul Cowles (2015) Directives pour l'apprentissage et l'application le 'Natural Resource Governance Tool' dans les paysages terrestres et marins
David Wilkie, Michelle Wieland and Diane Detoeuf (2015) Guide de la “Basic Necessities Survey” Modifiée - Pourquoi et comment mener la BNS dans les paysages de conservation
Lilian Painter, Teddy Marcelo Siles, Ariel Reinaga, Robert Wallace (2013) Scenarios of deforestation in the Greater Madidi-Tambopata Landscape
Elizabeth Matthews, Jamie Bechtel, Easkey Britton, Karl Morrison, Caleb McClennen (2012) A Gender Perspective on Securing Livelihoods and Nutrition in Fish-dependent Coastal Communities
Kent H. Redford, Catherine Grippo (eds) (2008) Protected Areas, Governance and Scale
Michael Painter, Ana Rita Alves, Carolina Bertsch, Richard Bodmer, Oscar Castillo, Avecita Chicchón, Félix Daza, Fernanda Marques, Andrew Noss, Lilian Painter, Claudia Pereira de Deus, Pablo Puertas, Helder Lima de Queiroz, Esteban Suárez, Mariana Varese, Eduardo Martins Venticinque, Robert Wallace (2008) Landscape Conservation in the Amazon Region - Progress and Lessons
Kent H. Redford, Eva Fearn (eds) (2007) Protected Areas and Human Livelihoods
Kent H. Redford, Eva Fearn (eds) (2007) Protected Areas and Human Displacement - A Conservation Perspective
Arun Agrawal, Kent Redford (2006) Poverty, Development and Biodiversity Conservation - Shooting inthe Dark
Oscar Castillo, Connie Clark, Peter Coppolillo, Heidi Kretser, Roan McNab, Andrew Noss, Helder Quieroz, Yemeserach Tessema, Amy Vedder, Robert Wallace, Joseph Walston, David Wilkie (2006) Casting for Conservation Actors - People, Partnerships and Wildlife
Kent H. Redford, Michael Painter (2006) Natural Alliances between Conservationists and Indigenous Peoples Wildlife
Emily Woodhouse, Katherine M. Homewood, Emilie Beauchamp, Tom Clements, J. Terrence McCabe, David Wilkie, E. J. Milner-Gulland (2015) Guiding principles for evaluating the impacts of conservation interventions on human well-being
Daniel Brockington and David Wilkie (2015) Protected areas and poverty
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