2019 ABS Conference Program

American Bison Society

October 28 to November 2 2019
 Santa Fe, NM

Rewilding Bison Across North America: ABS 2019


For the first time in history, the American Bison Society (ABS) Conference & Workshop was held on Native lands in New Mexico and co-produced with WCS Indigenous partner, the Pueblo of Pojoaque. The conference brought together more than 200 bison experts from across the continent, including Tribes, First Nations, scientists, agencies, conservationists, ranchers, artists, and philanthropists, to co-create a roadmap for rewilding bison. A strategic framework for the cultural and ecological restoration of bison across North America was outlined, laying the foundation for the emergence of a new conservation paradigm, one that braids Indigenous science, western conservation, economics, and art and culture into a transformative conservation vision. The week included important discussions on the implications of bison genetics for management of US federal herds, a field visit to a recovering Tribal bison herd, collective signing of the Buffalo Treaty, and concluded with an inter-tribal ceremonial buffalo dance and completion of an intertribal mobile art mural to celebrate National Bison Day. The experts agreed to collectively carry forward the ideas and connections during upcoming events, including a bison day celebration in DC, to advance a biocultural framework for continental-scale bison recovery over the next decade that is Indigenous-led. 

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ABS attendees support the Buffalo Treaty, signed by more than 30 Tribes and First Nations

Credit: Julie Larsen Maher


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